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WALLA Engineered Gypsum Panels for Interior walls and permanent partition.
The following summarize the contents and key components relevant when specifying Walla panels for indoor use. This is to provide the information which is useful to planners and architects to specify in their design. For specific requirements on particular project submission, contact Walla for manufacturer's technical data and speciment.
1. Product and Material
This specification includes the Walla Engineered Gypsum Panel, hollow-core precasted panels made of gypsum and additives without the inclusion of other materials. The panels are intended for use in the construction of interior walls.
2. Physical Requirements
At the time of delivery to the work site, the panels shall conform to the physical requirement of testing standards of BS5234 Part 2:1992. The fire resistance testing standard up to 4 hours conforming to the fire resistance testing standard BS476 Part 22:1987. Sound insulation tested complying to ASTM E413-04
3. Sizes and Permissible Variations in Dimensions
Sizes are manufacturer's standard of supply and overall dimensions for width, height, and length shall differ by not more than ±3.2 mm from specified standard dimensions. Weight per one square meter is not heavier than 70 kg at thickness of 100 mm.
4. Finish and Appearance
Panels shall be sound and free of cracks or other defects that interfere with the proper placement of the unit or significantly impair the strength or permanence of the contriction. Minor cracks incidental to the usual method of manufacture or minor chipping resulting from customary methods of handling in shipment and delivery, are not grounds for rejection. Repair or patch work has to be done by using Walla putty. Color of the panels shall be white and finished surface shall be smooth and conformed to the submitted sample.